ALL I KNOW IS I WAS ENJOYING A COOL EVENING, COASTING HOME WITH MY HANDS AT MY SIDES AND MY SMILE REAL WIDE... thinking I'm gonna call tonight's post The oldest trick in the book.

Because is there an older, cooler trick than that first time you let go with boh hands... not the first time for onetenthofasecond... the first time you were relaxed, cool as a cucumber?

Well, come to think of it there are cooler times... 

... like riding the Stingray off the curb, no hands...

... like casually pulling off your jacket or vest or warmers and patiently folding to properly fit in your jersey pocket all while rolling along in the bunch, no hands...

... like beating your friends across the city limits sign and celebrating, no hands...

... like ending a long day at the yob with a little spin, cleansing your mind, no hands..

... and the oldest trick, becomes the best trick.  

You wanna no another cool trick?

The factory is taking this 2D rendering and turning it into a super sweet pair of gloves... and they'll be available in about 3 weeks.

Let me just interject a phenomenon I've noticed over the years, when we are under attack as a nation we get very patriotic.  There's been a marked uptick in our Patriotic collection the last 3 weeks.  I think these gloves will be a hit, and probably sell out.

So, if you want an early crack at them here you go:

Use promo code: BESTTRICK ... if you're part of the PEDALposse, you can use your mo' betta' personal code.


168.6 lbs 
Coach Loran #4 + 40 pull-ups
7.5 hours sleep