The Most Aero Upgrade Of The Year

The car was idling.  The heater was on.  39 degrees outside.  At 8am, we were two dudes with safety pins and race numbers about to pierce pristine lycra… well, I was.

Not Peter.

Peter had his number turned over and was… taping it?

What is that?

Double-sided tape.

How’s it work?

Like this.  Tape all the edges then put same tape in the middle of the number.  Then peal the back off, and press it onto you jersey… just… like… this!

…and just like that his number was perfectly flat, pressed onto his jersey.  No more number sailing around in the wind while sprinting at 30+ mph  Poof.  Magic…

It was awesome.  Silence vs the sound of holding a piece of paper out the window of a speeding car… during 2 hours of racing.

Not just the sound… being “aero” on a road bike can be the difference between 1st and 10th place.  It matters.  That’s why aero parts and frames and wheels sell for a premium.

To be safe we put two safety pins in.  They weren’t needed.

Thanks Pete!