A FEW MONTHS AGO A FRIEND ASKED IF I'D COACH HIM TO RACE THE LEADVILLE 100.  So, I fired off an email every day... with homework. 

Some of the information is tactical for Leadville. 

But, more importantly, the letters reveal nuggets which may be applied to any ride or race likely to leave nothing but the residue of who you are when it's over.

If you're planning to get your head handed to you at Dirty Kanza or BWR... or, just want to do an epic attack on your local mountains, you need the Leadville Letters.

For example...

Every Friday and Saturday you need to experiment with your food to find out what works for you.  Do not leave this up to the last couple of weeks before the race, or worse, the week of.  Figure it out early, then tinker with it.

Be the person people ask, not the one who’s unsure and ready to try something new on race day.

Okay, here is exactly what I eat and drink...

... revealed in the Leadville Letters are 20 years of mining racing some of the hardest more ridiculous courses in the western US, pure gold.

These letters will be shipping in June, and can be ordered here:

However, if you're part of the PEDALposse no need to order as they're included with your subscription.

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