Technology Matters

What do crazy-light carbon wheels with ceramic bearings and my new toothbrush have in common?  My new toothbrush is amazing. It cost 10X more than my usual purchase. My teeth feel like a fresh cleaning from Dr. Day’s.  Exactly how my new wheels felt in ’15 – so slippery and clean and fast, fast, fast.

They were about 3X a decent pair of wheels…

and totally worth it.

That was my first and only purchase of carbon wheels.  And, this was my first sonic toothbrush.

I can’t imagine going without either one, they’re that good.  And… I can’t explain what was holding me back?

 $40 for toothbrush is outlandish, until you feel those teeth.

$2000+ for bike wheels is redonkulous, until you coast past your buddies and PR the next hill.

Amortize it out… that toothbrush is gonna cost me 5 cents more/use.  Those wheels… about $2/ride.

 We gotta live within our means, but when you’re talking about cost/smile…

…what could be better than a sonic tooth brush and silly-light carbon wheels with ceramic bearings?

(So good I rode right up ’till the storm moved in)

Where is everybody?
Where is everybody?