Team. Work.

Someone will step up and lead your team.  It might be you, because of your experience or willingness or vision or frustration or opportunity.  Whoever it is has the responsibility to teach the rest of the riders their roles AND how to execute their roles.

Those roles can range from driving directions and hotel selection, to cook, to bottle handerupper, to canopy set up, to equipment selection, to equipment maintenance, to riding the front of the paceline, to leading the final miles, to sprinting for victory.

Regardless of how you assign the roles, you’ve got to define them in such a way that supports the main goal of the team.  Winning, friendship, fun.. all worthy goals.

A team united behind a goal, understanding individual roles can adjust as conditions change.  Someone might get sick, have a mechanical breakdown, etc.  That’s when the leader’s vision and the team’s goal will allow for the rest of the team to pick up the slack.

More important than filling each position is being in position to find the right teammates… then getting out of the way.