75 RIDERS SHOWED UP FOR THE SWAMI’S RIDE, on a foggy August morning at 6:30.  They left in waves:  A group, B group, C group.  Self-selected or self-inflicted, A fastest.  All ride the same route.

This means, depending on the time of year or phase of our training you have 3 options.  Should you get dropped another group is coming – unless you’re in C.

Pretty cool.

No pressure.

Just decide, and go.

I did the B with club president Fred Muir.  Typical… the B was closer to most group’s A.  That’s Swami’s for ya.  Fred is friendlier than most riders… also typical of the Swami’s team.

If you’re ever down that way, it’s a beautiful ride:  24 miles along the Carlsbad coast with a fair amount of rollers thrown in.  Get there early, choose your wave.

La Costa Roasters was the place to be after.


Which brings me to my question.. at our local group ride, The TMWC, we start all together and there’s an A-loop of extra credit about halfway through. This works well for most of us, but I’m wondering if it’s time for a C option… something that leaves 5 minutes early for those that want the camaraderie but want an easier ride.


(mid-pack in the B group)