THERE SEEMS TO BE SOMETHING SINISTER GOING AROUND.  Last week I noticed Steve had it on the Tuesday ride.  Sounded awful.  This week, same ride.  No Steve.  But, sho nuff Bob had the same thing going on.  And tonight, it hit lil ol me.

I think we'll be alright... just need to see the doc.

These dawgawn bottom brackets on all our bikes have gone to shiz.  Creaking and wheezing and clickityclacking.  

Is there anything more annoying?

The thing about it is... I usta be able to fix it meself.  But somewhere on the way to newerbetterfaster my skills crept away.  A slow decline, not a thief in the night.  More like ants making off with a cookie.

Good thing we've got a doctor in the house.  Literally.  Chris has been operating on newerbetterfaster bikes for 25 years... he just moved to town so we set him up in our store, which is starting to look kinda like a bike shop.

Weird.  I know.

But, everything we do at PEDALindustries is about scratching our own itch... RaceDay Bags™, Superlight Gloves and Socks, Changing Ponchos, The Speed Jersey... 

... and the PEDALposse, which is kinda like an ambassador program where you save a ton of coin, get access to special gear and of course the lovely Coach Loran training videos... if you're into that sort of thing...


162.4 lbs 
PullUps and PushUps
7 hours sleep

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