Start and Finish

When does a race start and finish?

When the gun goes off?

When you get out of bed that morning?

When you start your taper?

When you sign up?

When you start your training block?

When you eye the event on the calendar?

When you decide you want to race?

When you buy a “real” bike?

When take off the training wheels?

When you are born?

When you cross the finish line?

When you recap it with your pals?

When you upload to Strava?

When you unload the car?

When you get cleaned up?

When you go to bed exhausted?

When your legs finally feel good again?

When your ready to find another race?

When you knew you were born to race the good race,

fight the good fight,

and finish knowing you couldn’t have done any better.

Scouting out the start finish for HUNKR – Orange County