1. Kevin WaytKevin Wayt Great race tonight TB! 
  2. Kevin WaytKevin Wayt Wish I could sprint with you guys at the end…:-( 
  3. Todd Brown PEDALindustriesTodd Brown PEDALindustries You can Kevin. We just need to work once it. I’ll show you a few tricks pre race next week.
  4. Kevin WaytKevin Wayt Great! Can you lend me some power too :-) Remove
  5. Todd Brown PEDALindustriesTodd Brown PEDALindustries No. But I can show you how to get some power on your own and how to steal some from others (I guard mine like a squirrel guards his nuts – and it does take balls to have power). Sprinting is an art form, it takes a calm, calculating devilish will. To really do it right you must commit well before the race, you must be willing to vomit, be able to hold your breath until your ears hurt, be able to turn your legs over long after they have turned to stone, and and and and and and do all this with a Gatsby-foolish grin… top down and scarf blowing in the wind on a lazy summer day. Got it? Probably not… But you can have it.