TODAY'S RIDE WAS EPIC:  killer loop, fast times, incredible weather.  And, I think it had everything to do with the six (6) hours I spent warming up. 

Not exactly pro protocol, on a trainer in front of the team motorcoach in just my bibs, sweating with a gold chain swinging back and forth... this was something much better.

Get up early, skip breakfast, load van with boxes, meet kids at their new place, unload van, drive to old place, load up van, unload at new place, back to old place for a final load, unload at new place, eat 4 slices of pizza...

... simple enough? 

TBH, I was pretty pooped out... but I really, really wanted to figure out this new loop I'd plotted in my head all week.

By 3pm, I was on HVY MTL ready for a 100k of dirt, gravel, water and good 'ol asphalt. 

I could have taken a nap.


I felt great.

It was 62 degrees and sunny.

Every turn greeted me with lush greenery.

I wasn't sure of the General Store would be open, given the lock down, but it was my halfwayish point and I'd need fuel... it was.  I grabbed a Mexican Coke and some Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.  Stood 10 feet behind the couple in front of me... my mouth was watering, the Coke looked so refreshing.

Do you take Apple Pay?

Yes, we do.

... if only their Apple Pay reader worked, silly me forgot cash.

You know what, it was such a wonderful afternoon I didn't even care.  I'd be fine. 

2 bottles with 2 scoops of GQ6 and 3 Honey Stinger Waffles was prefect for 4 hours, 55 miles, 5500' of vert.

But, I was hellbent on going a full HUNKR (100K ride)... and that last 7 miles took at least another 3 hours.

There's just something about sticking with the commitment... no matter how tired, no matter bonked.

Nobody'd know if I cut it short.

But that's not our style.

You know what is our style?

The PEDALposse.

And next week the price is going up.


164.6 lbs 
Lifting Furniture
8 hours sleep