THERE IS ONE THING I LIKE ABOUT THE SMALL RING...  TBH, I generally work my @$$ off every day.  Up early getting my studies in, work all day, get in a ride of some sort, write this blog, hit the hay.

If it weren't for the small ring, I'm not sure I'd have any friends at all...

... because that's when I talk with my friends the most.

Could be anything.

Tonight I chatted with Mark about the Tour, Will about trying to ride easy then winding up in the break, Eric about Saturday's ride plans, Matt about his wife spending thousands at the shop, young Jack about how to ride in the group...

... and that's just what I can remember.

None of it's important, yet I think I'd die with out those conversations and friendships.

God bless the small ring.

Now back to that behind of mine...

... Craig came in today to try on some bibs before placing his team order.  Like all first timers he had a lot of questions.  Which I answered quite simply with...

 ... Try 'em on...

Which always leads to the next question...

... Why do these feel so nice?...

Which I always answer with...

... We work real hard on our fit and our pad placement, and we import the best Italian fabrics... but you're going to love 'em even more once you ride in 'em...

Which brings me back to the small ring...

... when you're just riding along with your pals and talking about nothing, ain't it great to have on a great fitting pair of bibs?

I know our bib pics aren't typical, and I know we could do better telling our story online, and we would if we weren't spending every free moment making the best product we know how to make.

But, just look at the joy in this pic to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

And if you're buns are in need of something more awesome get yourself some new bibs.

Use promo code:  SAVE10.

Every dollar spent gets you an entry into -> Ultimate RaceDay Bag™ Giveaway


162.2 lbs
Stretch n Roll
6.8 hours sleep

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