My sleeping schedule is off… I’ve stopped reading and picked up binge watching at night.  First MadMen then Shane said, Dad you gotta watch Designated Survivor.  It’s always fun to watch a show together… and since he and Abbey are home for the summer… well, here I am… it’s late and I’m getting fatter, because you get fat when you don’t sleep enough.

At least I do, and I bet you do too.

If I could just get this last season finished, then I’ll get back to reading… and the books are piling up.

Reading is better pre-sleep than “TV” because you have to hold the book.  It’s much less convenient than mindlessly watching the screen with both hands free to steady the popcorn and load the mouth.

Studies have shown that if you don’t sleep enough you’ll put on weight… I think just because you are awake more, and there’s food everywhere in the US.

Sleep more, lose more.