I'M PROBABLY DOING THIS GRAVEL THING ALL WRONG.  We don't have endless country roads all graded and perfect with a little gravel on top for weather.  And, I like it that way...

... I like big ruts and I cannot lie...

Just to mixedsurface it up tomorrow I'll be starting the TMWC with the group and exiting stage right at the first dirt path we cross.

Then we'll cut across town on pavement - where we might see the guys again - before diving down to the dry creek bed, which hopefully will have a few wet crossings.

Followed by a touch of pavement before we climb up dusty dirt road with ruts through the wildness area.

Then zip through a neighborhood before poaching more dirt.

At that point, we'll really be back on the route and if all goes as planned we will slot right in with the rest o' the gang.

That's def not a gravel ride, but it's the freedom one gets on a gravel bike... which just might be why they're all the rage.

Speaking of all the rage, we got a bunch of new colors in our gloves... and I'm thinking the Orange is just perfect for Fall colors.

If you have not tried our gloves before, well you might be missing out.  They are superlight weight.

The top is BreezyMesh.

The palm is real leather.

The thumb is terrycloth.

The fingers have reactive thread for your smart phones.

And... they're $24.99 and qualify for FREE SHIPPING... or less if you're part of the PEDALposse - >

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162 lbs
Stretch N Roll
8 hours sleep


from my lunch ride, on my gravel bike