Single And Loving It ParDeux

Single And Loving It was the title an editor of Competitor Magazine gave to an article I’d written on riding a single-speed mountain bike.  Throngs of babes were instantly stalking me on the trails (not true).  When I rolled out to ride this morning on the still wet streets of San Clemente my shifting was dead.

Completely.  No green light, no flashing green light, no red light.

Hmmm… I know it’s charged, was green on Tuesday, the last day it was dry.  I checked all the wires.  Unplugged and plugged in the battery.  Nada.

Whatever, it was in the 34/17 and would be fun to mix it up. Ride on!

The massive variations of leg speed while stuck in one gear make riding very interesting.  It’s was a gloriously nostalgic change up for me.

Spinning like an electric egg beater, slogging up hills with back muscles fully engaged.

I loved it.

Must have knocked a screw loose too… because I remembered that yesterday I’d driven out to visit some customers with my bike inside the car – on top of boxes!  Shifter must have been pressed in the process.  DOH!!!

Protect your shifters padawan.


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