I STOPPED BY TO SEE MY PAL CHAD TODAY.  At his place of biz.  It'd been too long.  We met through the bikeridingthing... way before PEDALindustries.  We started making his company uniforms.  Which we still do.

But, that's not important.

Nor was delivering a new supersweet kit design for this weekend's race.

What was important, was what happened when we got to his office and closed the door.


Nothing but bike and racing talk.

I think about all the companies that sponsor teams, at all levels... and I reckon few people have any clue as to why they do it.

Is it to get a big return on their advertisement investment?

Absolutely not... if that were the case the sponsors would stick around forever.  Trust me, I know a thing or three about advertising.

They do it because they love the sport and it's fun. 

Amid all the chaos and stress of running any large business, sponsoring any kind of cycling team can bring some needed levity into the work place.  Can be part of a company health initiative.  Can be a way for the work crew to bond after hours.

But, it ain't for the money.

And what do most sponsors ask for... usually just that the racers are good peeps.

I've worked with a lot of sponsors of teams.  And none of them have ever said this, but I see it. 

I see their enthusiasm for the racers, for the promoters, for the friends and families who come and watch.  

I see the joy they have designing their kits for their teams to wear.

This is why they do it.

For the love of our sport...

... so, next time ya get a new kit send 'em some pics of you having fun riding.  I know they'll love it.

I know I do.

Ya know what else I know?... I know our Speed jersey is super light. People come in and choose their size always comment...

... It's so lite.

Well, it has to be.  It's a Speed jersey, not a parachute.


They come in a variety of colors, and we have matching socks for most of the designs.

Add a jersey and socks to your order and use promo code: SPONSORS

to get free socks.


161.2 lbs
7 hours sleep 



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