TOM CURREN WAS THE BEST SURFER OF MY GENERATION, and he didn't care a whit for his sponsors.  I remember my bikeracing friend Bill, then a big shot at Quiksilver, ranting that Tom was a terrible athlete to front the brand.  Bill liked LeMond. Tom was no tightly wound euro... he didn't seem to care about winning,.. didn't show up for the people paying the bills.  He showed up to surf.

He became a 3-time world champion... soul surfing.

Colin Strickland reminds of Curren.  A man cutting his own path.  He turned down an opportunity to race the classics for  Jonathan Vaughters.

He's a soul rider.

And he used that soul riding to dominate  the Red Hook Crit Series.

Then owned World Tour pros at Dirty Kanza.

Yesterday I gave my soul a good cleanse... here's my Rx:

Load up with plenty of fuel,
a gist of where you want to go,
and let your loved ones know you'll be back before dark.

Take the route less traveled, at whatever pace your feelin'.

No chasing or waiting.  Just riding.

Ease off the pace a bit and bust out some real food.  A waffle, a PBnJ, dried fruit, salted dates with almonds.

Coast along.

No hands.

Save. Our. Souls.

Who knows there just might be a championship or PR up ahead.

You what else is up ahead, a price increase on the PEDALposse.


I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my
I hope that someone gets my...


163.6 lbs 
8 hours sleep

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