Sea Otter Takeaways


  1.  Sea Otter is an awesome event.  There’s every kind of racing and riding imaginable from Gran Fondos to Downhill MTB.  All kinds of new products from vendors you know and never heard of.
  2. Camping at the venue is the way to go.  Whether you’re in a tent, a van, or a motorhome it’s much nicer to stay at the venue vs packing up every day and making the long journey from Monterrey to the Laguna Seca Racecourse.
  3. The public showers are perfectly hot.  Use ’em.
  4. Sometimes the portable toilets are out of t.p.  Be prepared.

Race Specific:

  1. You won’t be racing with the usual suspects so try and get to know the players.  I should have/could have predicted the players better with a little research on RaceResults.  It was great to podium at the circuit race, but a little more research would have told me who’s wheel to be on.  Could have I have won?… doesn’t matter – couldawouldashoulda.  Same thing on the road race.  The results might have been the same, but we shouldn’t have let the winner get away with 15 miles to go.
  2. If you’re lucky enough to podium, the medals are super rad… and you get to kiss a girl – almost never a bad thing if you earned it.
  3. Camping at the venue made for a much more relaxing race day.
  4. The circuit race is PERFECT pavement, you will nevereverever find a better surface to race on.  Plus, it’s superduper wide.  Do it!
  5. The road race was nice pavement on a rolly and twisty road.  If someone/you get a minute up the road the pack can’t see you anymore.  Also, the entire road is closed to traffic.  It’s the most pro experience I’ve ever had.  The finish is a 2.5 mile climb that is a lot like the last 2.5 miles over The Wall on the TMWC.
  6. My friends that did the MTB XC gave it raving reviews.

Next Time:

  1. I’d like to arrive a day earlier to have time to walk the entire vendor village.
  2. I’d like to stay a couple of days longer and ride up there more.
  3. I’d like to get 3 spots and bring in more motorhomes and get the whole gang up there.
    Exhausted and Thrilled after the road race... pretty much sums up the weekend.
    Exhausted and Thrilled after the road race… pretty much sums up the weekend.