Save a cycling life… invoke rule #1

Your friend finally got a bike and starts riding… to save his cycling life you must invoke Rule #1.

You could have a heart to heart over a latte, or just forward this email.

Secret rule number 1:  Never, ever, ever skimp on the bib!

You’re sitting on that thing… for hours!  Your bib must:

 be comfy, caress you, protect you,

through mud, rain, dirt and sun and sweat.

This is the union of all unions.

You screw up your bib choice and that union is gonna end quickly and ugly.

 Newbs don’t get this

They are so freaked out over Lycra they buy the cheapest thing possible knowing/thinking/hoping they’ll toss it after one ride.

Whoops… even cheapo bibs are so much better they keep wearing them, eventually wasting hard-earned dollars on chamois butter.

That’s not you.

You know better

You know quality bibs are the apparel equivalent of an outrageously expensive carbon fiber frame.

We have a team so thrifty, they buy the cheap jersey and come to us for the bib.

Why would you do that?

Because it matters!

Great bibs shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg… they should just be great.

  1. Your bibs should be made of Italian fabrics, they are the best.  The Italians are so into fabrics and fashion and cycling!  Don’t experiment, they’ve got it mastered.
  1. Every single panel of the bibs you choose should be made of 100% polyester because polyester is the softest and most elastic of fabrics. And those panels need to be expertly cut every time and comprised of just the right polyester so you get the perfect amount of compression.  Plus, when you use polyester, you can print every single panel and create striking designs.
  1. Your bibs should have a pad that fits like a loving glove, no matter how long you ride.  The pad should be anatomical perfection, and gender specific.  It should be stretchy.    And, AND!, the pad has got to be placed and sewn in the correct location.  Critical stuff here.  Get it wrong and you’ll look like a banana smuggler and feel a lot worse.

At the end of your ride, you must lovingly and thankfully step out of your bibs…

you might want to stay in them all afternoon…

Take a shower.  Clean up.

Wash your bibs inside out, so the print stays crisp.

Air dry your bibs after the spin cycle.

Take care of your bibs and they will take care of you.  Really.

Should you be having anything less than an awesome experience with your bibs, you may want to check out our line up.

We’ll make sure you feel as warm and cuddled as your bits and pieces will when you ride in our bibs.

May all your rides be comfortable!

PS… our latest kit, called Speed, could be just what your looking for.