Like life itself, when you find yourself in a rut on your mountain bike, it’s very easy to keep looking at the trap you are in.  Ruts are tricky, hard to escape.  If you stay in the rut you risk great peril, crashing usually results.

You must change your focus, your vision.  The body follows the head.

Point your wheel out of the rut.  This takes guts, leaving the devil you know.

By aiming to escape, you will climb the side of the rut.  You won’t be free yet, you don’t have enough momentum.

As gravity pulls you back into the rut, you must aim for the other side and use momentum to either get out or go back down and up the other side with even more momentum.  Eventually you will bust out.

The first time you dare to break free of a rut will be frightening.  Act quickly, while you still have speed on your side and before the rut gets deeper – as the often do.

There are other techniques to escaping and even using ruts to you your advantage.

Life life itself, you must keep moving.  Be confident.  A rut is a grave with no end.