I can’t really compare the attacks to anybody else I’ve ridden with.  They are violent and vicious.  But lots of guys can pedal ferociously.  They are extremely ambitious,  miles from the finish line.  Nothing original there, really.  The thing about Sasha’s attacks is the resemblance to inter-continental ballistic missiles.

Imagine those Space Shuttle videos from the side of the rocket… the flame, the thrust, the lift off to infinity and beyond.

Now imagine you 6″ off that rocket’s rear wheel.

That’s what it’s like.

He’s the flame, and you’re made of wax.

He’s firing away, and you are melting… right… into… the pavement.

…where you will lie and lie to yourself…

Today he launched the moment we hit the bike path.  6 of us hung on desperately.  Pete and Chris and Bret did a few rotations.  One by one, the “boosters” were jettisoned until the launch vehicle reached the top of the wall never to be seen again.

Impressive.  Sasha!

(uphill, 600 watts, 23 mph – click to watch video)