Mike’s my bro-in-law… at one point all my bros and bros-in-law rode bikes.  There’s 7 in total, and he’s the last one who still rides regularly.  When they drop in from NorCal, it’s only a question of when are we riding.

I’m bringing the mountain bikes.  Can we do San Juan?  I want to take the boys (Zach 13, Ben 17, Jess 21) on something epic, and I remember what a great trail that is.

Of course!

… of course, we’re going to shuttle it – leave a car at the bottom and drive to the top.  Who wants to ride up with 90 degree heat beating you down?  The boys are fit and athletic, but they don’t ride much.  The purists scoff on shuttlers… I get it, but this is one of the few trails you can bring an athlete out for a humongous afternoon and come back big-grinning.

It’s bucket list worthy.

12 miles down.

All single track.

Views of the ocean.

Canopy covered.

Lot’s of poison oak.

Lot’s of sharp rocks.

Lot’s of slippery decomposed granite.

Mix all that in and you bound to pull off a few crazy landings, leave a little blood and live to ride another day.

And we did.

(3 bros and a bro-in-law)