Respect The Speed

Why ya gotta be a hater just because I’m going twice as fast as you and not breathing hard don’t mean ya need to be a turd about me squeezing by…

…“Strava” under your breath…

Hell boy, I been ripping this climb for 25 freakin’ years and I have a little tiny black book with my times scrawled in Bic ballpoint blue, it’s called handwritin’

Today I’ll go fast, but minutes slower than way back when…

When wheels were 26”, Ritchey tires1.95” wide and pumped to 55lbs;

When Cannondale aluminum-framed bikes weighed in at 26 lbs;

When a Camelbak was required to carry all the tools you’d need to keep that piece-o-crap-bank-breaker together.

I respect you for riding up.  It ain’t easy.

It’s hard.

Look at all the punks that shuttle… makes me shutter.

They be missing out on the endorphin-nirvana you and I be drowning in.

But not you, and not me.

Hell no.

Respect the speed brother, The Old Diesel is comin’ through.

rolling over to meet Mike for drive to San Juan Trail
Rolling early to meet Mike and head to shred the San Juan Trail
it's always good to donate blood
it’s always good to donate blood
'cause life's about options
’cause life’s about options
I really need to work on shutting my moutn
I really need to work on shutting my mouth
Whoops... so much for an easy adventure ride.
Whoops… so much for an easy adventure ride.