MY SON STOPPED BY TONIGHT ON HIS WAY HOME FROM SANTA MONICA TO HIS IN-LAWS IN TEMECULA FOR A GAME OF CHESS.  I said Bring it on, I’ve been playing the best players in the world on since you moved and I’m ready to whack you.

That’s the kind of love we share… he drives out of his way to console me and I want to give him a beat down.

There are a number of weaknesses in my BeatMySonAtChess Training Program:

1.  I’m playing 10 minute chess, so my moves aren’t too well thought out because we are rushing.

2.  In 10 minute chess you can win just be having more men left when time runs out.

3.  I rarely win.  Mostly I get annihilated by faceless players in the ether, learning nothing in the process.

And that’s why virtual playing is virtually worthless… because my son is a very strategic thinker, with lots of patience, and he can read me like a book when I think I’ve got him cornered.

Tonight he won 2 out of 3 games… which sounds better than he won the two games we played.  He told me to take solace in having a smart kid… I never get that kind of wisdom on the app.

If you’re going to be good at racing your bicycle, get out and race.

Zwift is convenient.

Strava is social.

Racing is real.