ABOUT 6 WEEKS AGO I PUT OUT A POST ASKING FOR VOLUNTEERS.  Guinea pigs really.  I wanted to Beta test a 10 week training program I've been using for many years, and see how others would respond...

... well, pretty darn good.

They're being challenged,
held accountable,
getting ready!

I was reminded of this today when PEDALposse rider Jeff touched bases.  He was asking about tomorrow's local ride and made the off-handed comment...

... the posts have been really good lately.

They all seem good to me, so I dug deeper.


Well, they're extra relevant.

Can ya give me an example?

Yeah, that one about getting your sleep right the night before.  It was a really good reminder.

Ah, they've been inspired by the RaceDay Ready 10 program.  I've been thinking about these cats getting ready for their big races and what they need to know.  Some of it share with everybody.

Keep it up!

Can't help myself.

That is truth.  I can't help thinking about how I can help these cats be super prepared on RaceDay...

... because when you're prepared,
you can handle anything life throws at ya.

We've got a lot to do to launch the app.

It'll will be included with the PEDALposse membership.

Speaking of saving a lot of money, one of my all time favorite pieces is the RaceDay Wallet™.


First off, it's small.

Second off, the innertube rubber is so grippy it really stays put inside a jersey pocket.

Third off... it's a great place to keep a goal or mantra.

I kept this very wallet with me for nearly a year prepping to break my PR.  It worked for me, might work for you.

Check it out: 


SAVE 25% Join The PEDALindustries POSSE.

Click here -> https://pedalindustries.com/products/pedalposse-membership


8 hrs Sleep 
25 PullUps 50 PushUps
Stretch and Hypervolt
13 pages + journaling

Ride with us: https://www.strava.com/clubs/pedalindustries


7.8 hrs Sleep 
20 PullUps 40 PushUps + gym work
Stretch and Hypervolt
12 pages + journaling
No ride today.

Ride with us: https://www.strava.com/clubs/pedalindustries