Top 3 Reasons
People Join
The PEDALposse

25% Savings On Every Order

Surprise Swag Every Month
We will ship a gift worth at least $20

Our Best Secrets
Books, Training, and Events for you to get a helluvalot faster.


$20 Book + $25 T-Shirt + $15 Socks = $70 Value


What kind of products will you save 25% on?  Oh... just everything we make and sell (but bikes).

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• INSPIRE our friends to reach their ultimate health via the best sport ever.

• SCORE great products for the you at great prices.

• SHARE the best knowledge.


I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike, but now I love it since I discovered the Pedalposse at Pedalindustries. Not only do I get to ride in style with matching socks and gloves, which is every woman’s dream, but I’m also invited to meet such a wonderful camaraderie of other like-minded cyclist appreciate the same quality and level of service PEDALposse offers!

How The PEDALposse Works

1. You will get a promo code to save 25% on everything (but the bike).

2.  Awesomely useful swag will be shipped to you monthly:  tshirts, gloves, socks, water bottles, calendars, books, etc.

3.  BMC Bikes and ENVE wheels are part of the program - 15-20%.

***PEDALposse is not meant to take place of your local club. We ardently believe in supporting local clubs. If you aren't part of one, we'll help you get started***


When PedalPosse was first introduced, I took a chance because Todd and crew have always been responsive and offered me great merchandise at a good price. With PedalPosse, I get even better prices, and some stuff every month that I never knew I needed, but love! Go for it… I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

PEDALposse Membership



$20 Book + $25 T-Shirt + $15 Socks = $70 Value

This monthly subscription.

You can quit at any time, but you can never come back.


I love being a member of the Pedal Posse for a few reasons.
1) discounts on quality products. The discount is always better than even the promo items featured in the blog.
2) The blog. Its a great way to gain knowledge and be reminded of things I need to keep rolling. Todd drops these truth bombs and nuggets of advice based on his experience that, in my opinion, even the most season racer, weekend warrior, or neo-pro can learn from.
3) The monthly Posse benefit. It’s like a surprise gift from a friend every month. Maybe a hat, or a T-shirt, or a beanie. Every month it’s something different. And every month it’s fun. 


PEDALPosse…Great products at “member only” pricing, plus monthly bonus surprises! Plus the group is a bunch of inclusive, fun, adventurous butt kickers that will twist your lungs out of your chest just because…Everyday is Raceday!!


Pedal Posse adds a lot of value for me, from community and products that fit what I do on or off-the-bike; I’m always learning something new from the weekly blog of insightful information and excited to apply it; Swag each month is such a cool surprise.. as well as access to the best 🔧 wrench everto keep me rolling safe and sound!

Our Manifesto

Winning races and KOMs are good. 

Knowing, in our souls!, we gave all we could is the best. 

That's why we focus on PRs over KOMs.

What we do each and every day matters.

Greatness is a result of many small choices.

Therefore, we honor every day as RaceDay.

We ALWAYS have something big we are going after.

It's on our calendar.

And we use it to spur us to superior results.