Prize Money and Spectacles

Why have prize money for a bike race?  Two good reasons:  to support the professionals so they can continue to thrill and inspire us; to create a spectacle, a drama and catch the attention of the casual observer.

Nobody really cares if Tiger Woods can sink a 6′ putt until there’s $1,000,000 on the line.

Put up big money, and you bring the general public into your world.  Joe Shmoe instantly has an interest.  He’ll watch.  He might take up the sport as thousands did in the late 90’s.  All of the sudden Grampa’s sport was cool.  Lots of advertisers caught on to this and soon the putts were for much more.

Can we do that with HUNKR?  That’s certainly the grandmasterflash vision we have.

What about the women, how’s the prize money work for them?

Our singular mission is to grow the sport.  Getting female participation from 10% up to 35% like Triathlon is the first step.  Getting female participation equal to male is the quest.  Men and women are racing the same distance, working as hard as they can.

Prize money for men and women is the same

…some day that will be a big money spectacle!