Podcasts are awesome.  The selection of topics is much more broad than radio, even satellite radio.  Which means the podcasters can focus on very narrow topics and then go deep.  Find a topic you like, and drown yourself in knowledge and insights.

My top categories are:  cycling, economics, marketing, fitness and “spiritual/wisdom”.

My favorite cycling podcasts are:

SoCal Cyclist – local guy interviewing big time cyclists

Cycling Tips – it’s weird, their website doesn’t showcase the podcast but it’s there.

Cycling Time Trial Podcast – I don’t TT, but you’d be surprised about what can you learn and apply from one discipline to another.

There are many more cycling podcasts.  They all tend to go very deep into an aspect of cycling the host is really into… and you might be too.

Podcast apps are free, just download and search for what you want to listen too.  The app will download new episodes when you are on wifi and delete them once you listen to them.  Love one?  You can save it.

New episodes are always available to teach me and introduce me to new ideas and ways of seeing the world.  For free, with zero data usage.

Turn that car ride into an engaging lecture.

Long slow mountain bike rides are another great place to listen – on the road I prefer to listen for approaching cars.

Download the app, it’s easy.  Search a topic, or one of the podcasts above.  Join the new and deep conversations of podcasters.

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