Peaky, Pitchy, Bowly

In the 80’s we would call 976-SURF for the surf report.  Some dude imitating Jeff Spicoli would give us the low-down for well-known spots.  My all time favorite report was for Oceanside Harbor one hot summer afternoon:  peaky, pitch, bowly.  We checked the common cash and gas and hit the road.

The rest of that summer, Stephen and I just looked at each every time it was good and laughed “peaky, pitchy, bowly”.  It was such a goofy, succinct way to describe special surf: super fun, with lots of opportunities for everybody.

Today’s late lunch ride was like that:  sunny, warm and dry.

It was only an hour.  It was just what I needed to power through the end of a busy week.

The new bridge I found nearby is a perfect set up to a sweet little 5 minute hustle.  I ripped the loop off 5 times, then spun around town smelling the sunshine and feeling the spring grass grow.

Peaky.  Pitchy. Bowly.