FRIDAYS, WHEN I CAN PULL IT OFF, AND I TRY TO PULL IT OFF EVERY FRIDAY, I like to sneak over to a little out of the way place where nobody knows me.  You know, the kind of place where your people don't hang.  One you can ride to, prop up your bike, get a snack...

... and do nothing.

Doing nothing ain't as easy as it sounds. 

My preciousphone is with me for snapping pics along the ride, and it's hard as helk not to reach for it.  So, I turn it off.

After a few moments, the urge to grab it goes away and the colors and sounds of this part of town become more vibrant and distinct.

I used to bring a note pad and jot down ideas, but I don't like that any more.  

Doing less makes the stop so much more enjoyable.

It's addicting...

... and a great way to start the last day of the work week, fresh and creative.

... and roll in to tomorrow's suretobeblistering ride rested and ready.

Since this promo did so well, I'm going to extend it through the weekend.

My all around favorite is the Protone.  If I had to chose one that would be it.  The Valegro is excellent for MTB... and I really like it for night riding because it's easy to mount a helmet light up there.  The Utopia is most aero.  The Rapido is a good all arounder.

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164.2 lbs 
Stretch and HyperVolt
7 hours sleep