SPARE ME THE SHOOT FOR THE STARS HIT THE MOON PLATITUDES.  I want something outrageous, clear and concrete.  

Like PRing Leadville last summer, 20 years after my previous PR.

It's the only way to wring out the best.

This year's outrageous goal... sheesh, my palms just started sweating... but, I gotta do it... gotta commit to something ridonkulous.

Here it is Marathon Nationals... for the win.

November 14th.


There.  Said it.

Six months to get in tiptopshape.  Be one with my MTB.

That wasn't so hard.  There's almost a relief, finally putting it out there.  Writing it down.  The trepidation turns to fascination... how to get it done?

One thing I'll be doing for sure is getting my buns kicked regularly by Coach Loran.  Body strength, coordination, balance will be key for a successful day.

If you haven't trained with Coach Loran yet... well, you're probably not in the PEDALposse where her training is included. 


I know what you're thinking... she looks so nice and inviting, how could she possible motivate me?

Well... start with the fact she's probably a better bike handler than 99% of riders then add in she's be training people for 15 years.



166.2 lbs 
Coach Loran killed me
7.5 hours sleep

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