OPP (other people's power) Pt. 2

OPP (other people's power) Pt. 2

THE COROLLARY TO YESTERDAY'S MESSAGE, using OPP (Other People's Power) to coast across the finish line first, is UFP.   

Attention wheelsuckers...

Racing using OPP takes great patience because early on we're all high as kites on adrenaline, caffeine, and a whopping emotional load of manifeelgreat.  

It's an art to hold back your inner Kraken.

For this reason, you must calm yourself and do all you can to look like idontgotit.

Got that?

That's racing... and just one idea on how to win.  It is not wheelsucking.  I mean it is, but it's purposeful.

Now the corollary, UFP and where to get it.

UFP is Up Front Power...

... and you get it by getting your buns to the front of the group...

... often.
... until it burns.
... and you wanna quit.

... then, you'll have UFP, which is what you're going to need to lead across the finish line when it truly counts.

Train up front, 
Race smart.

If you're into racing smart, ya really ought to check this out



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