FULLY 70% SAID THERE'S NO NEED FOR AN OFF-SEASON.   I say bull pucky! NowayJose! and FAT CHANCE!

We gotta have a rest, reward.  And, it oughta be hell-yeah fun!

Ergo: The Tour de Donut!

What could be more fun that sugaring up with a bunch of skinny, underfed monks?  


Will you get fat?  Who cares... but no, not even if you try.
Will you spike your sugar?... well yeah!
Will you get sick of donuts?... most likely.
Will you have fun?... oh, please don't make me answer this.

Does one day make an off-season?  Of course not.  The point is to reset our minds.  Recognize all we've accomplished.  Socialize.  Flip the switch.  

What do I really mean by off-season?  I mean, really, "different season".  Different being:  different bike, different rides, different purpose, different routes, different amount of time in the saddle.

Change it up.

Starting with burning in all those good intentions with a rock-solid sugar high.

You buy the jersey, we'll buy the donuts!

Oct 12.  7am.  Starting point TBD.

Join the ride:


165.4 lbs
20 pull ups/60 push ups
Ride with us: click for info.