Nothing to say… but, something to add.

Charles says I can easily be under 10% body fat if I’ll cut out carbs.  That would be about 10 lbs.  Heard/learned this on Tim Ferriss’ podcast on the drive home tonight.

When I weigh in, I completely blow off the body fat % that pops up after the lbs.

For me, under 170=happy, over=sad… scratch that under 170=confident, over 170=not so much.

That’s after I rise, after I take care of business.

Which is what I did around 5:10am this morning, pre TMWC.

Which was too early, because I set my sleep app 15 minutes too early.

Which left me too lazy to blog at 8pm.

Which made want to just post my weight of 171.6 lbs  and call it a post.

Can’t do that.

So… 171.6 is 2 lbs over my current daily average, which is 5 lbs over my goal.

If my body fat was 10% that’d mean I was 10 lbs lighter.

Going forward you’ll see my weight and % at the end of each post, and you’ll have a good idea how I’m going to do on upcoming rides.

“If you’re 80% good and 20% terrible, you can’t expect to have 100% results.”
– Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin
Charles Poliquin