YA GOTTA BE A REAL SICKO TO RIDE AT NIGHT, RIGHT?  I’m not talking about commuting home after a long day working for the man, but rushing home from work – or even stopping on the way home – to throw on the kit and head out into the dark.  On your bike.  With lights.

Who else would do that but a deranged person?  You’ve got to be von-whack.

Until you give it try, then you know what crazy really is.

Crazy is skipping a ride because your tired.

Crazy is what you get if you don’t ride that work stress away.

And so, The Bee Gees NIGHT FEVER played in my head tonight… not that I could remember any of the lyrics besides the most important ones:

Here I am,
prayin’ for this moment to last,
livin’ on the riding so fine,
borne on the wind,
makin’ it mine.

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