New Choos

Wow… what a difference a new pair of shoes can make.  Why do we wait so darn long to replace such an integral part of the ride?  This is where the muscle meets the metal.  It’s been 4 years since I’ve had new road shoes, and more than that for MTB.  What a dork!?… nah, I had just forgotten how awesome new shoes are.

I’ve owned lots of different brands of shoes over the years.  My feet are weird, which is why I’m in flip flops most of the time.  So, when I find something comfortable I’m reticent to change… a forgivable offense, no?

Anyway, the new shoes felt amazing this morning as I stomped up the 1 minute climbs on one of my new loops.  PR’d a few.

Why is that?

Well, these shoes aren’t the lightest at all.

The soles feel so supportive.  The dials are in a weird place, on the top of my foot… but, I don’t feel any pressure from them being there and the adjustments are very comfortable and even across my foot.

At first glance you wouldn’t guess they’d be airy, but wow! my feet were very cold on the ride this morning.  So the vents really work.

And let’s be honest, a sexy looking shoe is always good for a few watts of mental edge.

There’s supposed to get more comfortable over time… can’t wait for tomorrow’s ride.  Nigh-t-nite.

new choos