SOME DAYS YA JUST GOTTA BUY SOMETHING NEW.  For bike riders, one of the best joys/dollar is new water bottles.

No scuffs.  No dents.  No leaks. No fumunda.

They feel healthier… shoot, they probably are.

Some cats will go years and years with the same bottles.  They are so wretched I wouldn’t let my dog drink from them.  It makes no sense.  None.

The one thing you want to keep in tip top shape, before anything is your engine (i.e. your body).  So drink as pure as you can.

Next, is your drive train.  I’ve unknowingly grabbed a leaky, filled with my magic flavor of the day only to have it leak all over my bottom bracket.  Sugar turns to mud, turns to muck, turns to s.l.o.w.

It’s new bottles day.