My Spanish Ears

Having “cut the cord”, it’s hard to find the Giro d’Italia Live coverage.  The only feed I consistently find each day is in Spanish… the language of favorite Columbian Nairo Quintana.  Apparently nobody cares if the dumb Americans pick it up.

A million years ago I was bilingual.

These days, twooo feeeesh tacos is about it.

However, HOWEVER!, 11 stages into the Giro my Spanish ears are back!

Granted it helps that we are “talking” only about cycling.  Most of the language is straight forward, the names of the racers are easy to pick up, and occasionally I learn a new word like “gregarios”… it’s not the gregarious racers, it means followers or chasers.

It’s sad to lose the gift of a 2nd language, but that happens with neglect.