My goal last year was to ride less, and get faster

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My goal last year was to ride less, and get faster.

Mission accomplished.

My unwritten, back of the mind goal was to keep the riding around 10 hours/week.

Can’t say it was shocking that Strava had me down for 521 hours in 2015, but I was a little surprised at how spot on my estimate was.  Of course, that includes vacation weeks, sick days etc… but still…

10, is less than 12 and less than 15 and a lot less than 20.

Why 10?… because I have other things I want to accomplish… things that actually matter.  Not that being in great shape doesn’t matter, right?

How?… we’re talking how I got faster – I’ll be brief here, and more detailed later.

First, I rested more.

Second, I lost weight.

Third, I kept my equipment in great condition.

Fourth, I rode with faster (than me) guys.

Getting faster in less time is kinda like a giant ball of yarn, it’s gonna take me a bit to unravel it all… but I promise I won’t hold back, and I’ll keep sharing what works and what doesn’t work.