My Girlfriend

My buddy has a new girlfriend.  They were at the race together.  The chemistry was obvious and desirable.  Shoot, I want a girlfriend!  The Trophy Wife had been gone too long… or, maybe not.

Monday she got home.  I said nothing, too soon.

Tuesday, night… hey, Rider X brought his new girl to the race.  It was awesome to see the appreciation in their eyes.

They don’t know each other well enough was not the response I was hoping for.

I want a girlfriend I lobbed… you have your bike bounced back.

Not going as I’d hoped, yet.

Look, I want you to be my girlfriend… sigh.

I’m a man of action.  All week I’ve treated her like my girlfriend.  Called her my girlfriend.  Done the dopy things boyfriends do.  I’ve loved it, and so has she.  Girlfriends are fun, refreshing, energizing.

I doubt my new girlfriend will ever go to a race with me, but that’s okay… I have my bike for that.