I once hired Gibby Hatton to coach me.  Google him… there’s 55,000 references to America’s greatest track racer.  I wasn’t going to race track, I wasn’t even racing road at the time, I was prepping for Leadville and wanted to see what I could learn from a new perspective.  He had me come over, get on a trainer and ride.

You hear that?


That… the trainer.


Do you always pedal like that?


You ride BMX?  A lot as a kid.

Mountain bike?  Yes, a ton.

That explains it.


Listen to the trainer, the sound is even.

BMX’rs have the best pedal stroke because the aren’t clipped in.

Mountain bikers are next because they have to put the power down evenly to keep the rear tire hooked up.

Roadies are usually awful, just mashing away.

It was a short lived experience.  Mainly because he was very serious, and I was a little low on dough.  But sometimes, just getting confirmation that you’re doing the right thing is worth the price of admission.

That popped into my mind tonight riding with 17 yr old Reed on a pretty beefy trail bike, and 47 yr old Brent on a Specialized electric bike, and me clipped in on my hardtail.

Different bikes, different styles, same passion.

Some of the drops we did were so steep the back of my saddle was nailed to my sternum… controlled skids.  We loped back to the top and did more trails, found some good jumps  I came up short often enough to bust a spoke.

Can’t wait ’till next week.

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