Rushing around, getting through the day’s work so I can wrap up in time for the Market Ride…  ‘wound up with another sidewall tear, on the car this time.  70 miles from home, what a bummer!

What a bummer to call AAA and get a truck to pick me up in 20 minutes.

What a bummer to be towed 2 miles to Costco.

What a bummer to have my exact tire in stock and on sale.

What a bummer to kill time watching Transformers.

What a bummer to have zero traffic on the late drive home.

What a bummer to treat myself to a giant Yogurtland when I got back in town.

What a bummer to live in a capitalist country.

The tow truck driver escaped Cuba 3 years ago, left his family behind.  He loves to dive.  In Cuba there are no tanks, only snorkeling.  In Cuba, there is no internet… except one “wifi park” where the per minute charges are outrageous.  He’d picked me up at JensonUSA, noticed my license plate, asked if I rode bikes… I’d like to get a bike again, I’d like to see you on a bike again.