THE CHILDRENS ARE ALL GROWED UP.  For the first time in 30 years, I woke up on Christmas Day and went for a bike ride.  Mrs Claus was getting a little extra beauty sleep… like she needs it!… so, off I went on my two-wheeler.  The MTB seemed most appropriate.  More playful.  More options.

All the Whos in Whoville were sound asleep.  The streets were empty.
But, I was awake and my heart was full.
How could 30 years pass so fast?
When our family was little I thought it would last and last.

A Christian greeted me and the sun and the homeless,
With cookies and cocoa and a warm smile.
Good morning kind sir, How’s business?
Quite well, quite well… replied the Witness

The waves to my right swept across the sand,
memories of countless Eves of assemblin’
surfed through my soul’s twinkling eye
Of times when I played the white-bearded guy

I couldn’t pedal any more, I slowed
My heart was too full to roll on
The ride of my life is going fast,
It’s Christmas, and I believe it will last and last.

Little pressed for time on this one.