Lots of Energy, Not Too Much Testosterone

Lots of energy, not too much testosterone.

Lots of energy, not too much testosterone… that’s the Platinum Meeting of El Tour De Tucson.  The Platinum Corral means you’ve either been very fast in the past, or you’re a wily one… it also means you’re starting in front of 8000 other riders.

Riders… not racers we are proudly told and this is not a race we are told again, it’s a ride.

Really, a ride with winners, trophies, and timing chips?  Riding AZ style, I reckon.

… anyway, everyone in the room is friendly and excited about riding tomorrow.  Most have participated for many years. I’m looking forward to losing my El Tour virginity.  The corral closes at 6:30am.  Race, errrride, starts at 7.

My pals tell me to get over there early as the corral fills up.  It’ll be low 50’s at 6. I’m gonna take all the newspapers and magazines from the swag bag and stuff them in my jersey.

Let’s ride!