Random thoughts:

Bring an extra tube and air cartridge… didn’t listen to that.  Fateful.

Where else will you ride with or see 3 Olympic cyclists on 1 ride?  Hi Steve Hegg, Nelson Vails and John Howard.

If we had invented texting before voice calls, would people be watching the road and talking instead of texting?

Is hitting a couple of 15 minutes climbs going to be of any use when there are multiple hour long climbs at LOTOJA?

Speaking of seeing, how the heck do I manage to run into so many friends on a ride?… Hi ProEcos.

I asked Steve if he knows Chris?  Oh you mean Tube Top.  Tube Top?  He used to wear a little tri, sleeveless thingy on the rides.

Am I the only knucklehead who’s been racing since January and is still foolish enough to think I can be remotely fresh in September?

After another low-mileage week and my legs still feeling like doodoo… will they ever come back?

I wonder if the cashier will recognize me as the guy that was here less than an hour ago filling up water bottles with ice and pouring a mysterious powder into the bottles?

Why don’t I ride down to my parent’s house more often?

It takes about 135 minutes to ride from San Clemente to the start of Swami’s… why don’t we ever ride down, do Swami’s long and ride home?  We could break it up and eat in Oceanside – chocolate shakes and fries at In-N-Out.  Oh my epicness.

The black kit in the coast fog was fine, when the sun finely broke through it was “hot in, so hot in here”.

If I call Andy, will he dust off his bike and pedal with me?  Can’t believe he’s back to running… what is Boston?

Hegg said he’d train for HUNKR.  Is that a sign?  He also said Kal was a real Mr. America!  Wow.

If I roll my legs twice a day, take ice baths, get a few massages, quit doing any intensity… will, it, help?

Is double flatting a sign that I’m flat?

I’m going to the beach.