It’s going to be hard today.  We’ve hammered 5 out of the last 11 days.  My legs are cooked, but we are getting very close to the big day and we can’t waste any time.  It’s going to be so hard to…

… ride very easy.

Matt and Ty will there, Cat 1 MTB racers.  Jeff is down from Park City, he just snagged a KOM from Levi.  Plus, Steve and Dr V and Chris and Chris saw the Strava “club” post and will also be there.

The easiest thing to do as the big day approaches is to error on the side of exhaustion, to dig that grave a little deeper.  It’s so stupid, so common, so easy to do.

We’re not gonna do it.

We’re gonna ride easy, cruise the beach, be tourists.  We’re gonna keep it flat.  We’re gonna hydrate.  We’re gonna cut it short.

The hardest thing to do, is to ride easy.

(Lots of people in Laguna early, it’s going to be a beautiful day)

How many cyclists does it take to change a tire?

Kevin at 7-11

See you soon