It’s so easy to over do it this time of year.  The days are long with refreshing mornings and cool evenings. The Tour is on 24-7: TV,  web, social… it’s everywhere and we are all geeked up.  Group rides are full, fast and fun.  I just want to ride, ride, ride… like a true cycling fool.

Don’t do it.  At least don’t do it if you have a big event at the end of the summer, like I do.

You still need recover days/weeks.

Today, I rolled out with my friends and just hung on for the first hour.  That was too much, so I rode solo for another 2 hours.  It’s a curious thing the way the body responds to the mind.  With resting on order, it was easy to go slow because I felt slow.  Weird.

50 miles.  16.5 mph.  123 HR.

Quite a difference from the 100+ miles at 20 mph a few weeks ago.

Next will be intense on Tuesday and Thursday with a long day of climbing on Palomar Saturday.  Join me, if you’re around.

Notes:  The Figgy Pops seem like a good source of calories, filling and satisfying and go down easy.  I still need to figure out a good way to transport them, 4 in a small bag was a bit much… I’ll try 2 per bag next week.

(Justin must be shocked that I’m still hanging on… Ville is turning left to meet the LPB crew)