TYLER ASSURES ME YESTERDAY’S ALL-DAY DRIVE + ALTITUDE is making me s-l-o-w.  I hope so.  He doesn’t know, I was late and hustling to make up time.  Oh, and the stiff headwind going up the start of the canyon is a special treat.  My h.r. is okay, I’m just short of breath.

We are high, and getting higher.

The Alpine loop is perfect today. 60 or so degrees.  Lots of water flowing down.  We are kind of early, long shadows reach across the western slope of the Wasatch Front.

Above Tibble Fork, I finally start to settle in.  There are fewer cars.  We ride side by side and catch up on life, family and promoting races.

Tyler is the force behind The Vision Relay.  He shares some of his ideas going forward – ways to keep his super unique race fresh, other events and concepts.  Fun stuff.

The summit is just over 8000′ above sea level – I wheeze.

A group of BYU students are kitted up in school colors taking selfie shots by the summit sign:  4 girls, 1 guy.  I feel like Trevor just missed the blossoming of an actual cycling scene on campus.

Quaking Aspen wave and whisper alongside the curvy plunge down to Sundance.




the best cycling road ever.

Someone has a car just like mine parked at the resort.  CA plates, just like mine.

… Back up folks, give him some air!…

Sheesh, that is my car.  Someone’s driven up to hike Stewart Falls.

I’m going to get a giant cookie, some ice and mountain water.  The stream sings.


Refueled, we hit South Fork and an unconversational speed – PRs are popping.  Just testing the legs.

To sum it up, I’m pretty sure I disrespected the climbing involved next Saturday.  That was dumb.  Oh well, I’m smartish… I’ll think of something.

When I roll in the driveway, Nana is in the car.  Passenger side.  She recognizes me.  Then we go to lunch, and she has no idea who I am.

Kinda puts things in perspective.

I miss Nana.

There’s no climbing like this anywhere near home.

Look at that beautiful pavement.

Hold that gut in buddy!

On my way back… the bridge that almost ended it all one snowy winter night.

Can’t miss a cruise through campus on a Saturday