Like I’m Young Again

Rolled up to the start line behind all the dinosaurs, watched ’em roll off without me… bye-bye turds… Brownie is racing with the Category 3 kids today.  The whistle went off (no guns here) The Old Diesel led through the first turn – wanted the little ones to know who not to worry about.

Dang, was I ever this young and frisky?  Suicidal attacks consistently whipping things up only to be slowly shut down by idunnowho… sorry punks.

We, Pete and I, were sporting the 2017 kits with our new sponsor’s colors:  HUNKR … I thought we looked awesome – serious bias on that.

Since getting back to road racing, I’ve been racing the age group stuff.  No teammates, just freelancing when I can.  Pete upgraded to Cat 3 last year, and this was our first race together.  He’d been freelancing his way from 5 to 4 to 3.

We had a grand master flash plan, and it worked pretty good until my Adult Onset O.L.D. flared up, withering my legs comically fast.  A mile to go and bye-bye punks… sorry Pete…

…but, I did feel young again… and I’m gonna find The Cure.

cat 3