Want to change up your riding?  Grab your mountain bike, head out with the high school kids.  Be prepared to stop and talk and size up gnarly stuff.  That’s how kids ride.  Just for fun.

That’s what we did tonight.

We just rode.

No agenda, no plan.

We stopped above some crazy steep drops, then dropped in.

We found some big jumps and some of us jumped big… some jumped… and some just rolled over the jumps.  Then we did it again, jumping a little further each time.  Daring ourselves and each other.

A little blood was oozing, lots of dust mixed in with sweat, smiles everywhere.

It’s cheap too.

The kids bought their bikes on Craigslist… $4000 bikes for $600.  Not the latest and greatest machines, that’s not the point.  This isn’t about racing, it’s about adventure and fun and learning how to ride and work on the bikes.

re·ju·ve·nate     rəˈjo͞ovəˌnāt     verb
  1. make (someone or something) look or feel younger, fresher, or more lively.