I WAS RECENTLY READING AN "IT'S THE BEST" ARTICLE... in a bike mag.  When I read this type of article on subjects I know a little less about I just take it granted...
Well of course that's the best droptop sports car under $30k with 4 tires... 
and, Clearly that's the best Enduro motorcycle with wide ratio gearing made for Dakar...
or, this is the best singlestory layout for high desert living...

I'm sure that really is the best gravel bike for under $3500 made by a major advertiser in said mag.

And, I guess that's the point...

... when you actually know yer stuff,
the articles turn out to be pure fluff.

It's been said that the best bike out there is the one we're riding, but I'll go ya one better...

... the best bike out there is the one I'd be saddest to lose,
the one I'm least likely to sell off.

Which is the weird, irrational part... for me anyway, the bike I'd want to keep most is the one that I...
Shelled out the fewest bucks for
Have never won anything on.
Ride most often
Treat the worst
Can count on.

It's a trust thing... and I trust it to deliver good times, at all times.

Kinda like trusting me when I say the PEDALposse is going up next month


165.2 lbs 
100 pushups
7.5 hours sleep



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